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STALKER Dead Air Download PC Game =LINK=

For those looks for a 1.0 version you shall wait apparently the developer it's working on making addons for the game rather than finishing the 1.0, at any case you can try dead air revolution mod that comes from the hand of the dead air team

STALKER Dead Air Download PC Game

Download File:

There are several different variations of anomaly, each one having a unique impact upon those who cross its path. They can be potentially deadly to the player and the NPCs, delivering electric shocks, or pulling them into the air and crushing them.[5][6] Most anomalies produce visible air or light distortions and their extent can be determined by throwing bolts (of which the player carries an infinite supply) to trigger them.[7] Artifacts are found scattered throughout the Zone, often near clusters of anomalies. As well as being traded for money, a number of artifacts can be worn so that they provide certain benefits and detriments (for example, increasing a stalker's resistance to gunfire while also contaminating him with small amounts of radiation) although certain rarer artifacts provide benefits without any negative effects.[8]

In February 2009, due to popular demand GSC Game World released "xrCore" build 1935, dated 18 October 2004.[24] It uses a completely different physics engine with many cut monsters, levels, and vehicles. It was also significantly larger than the retail release. It is however somewhat unstable, but features the full game along with a "fully functional ALife system". It is currently available for free download from the GSC servers and mirrors.[25] Multiple other builds of the game have been since publicly released as well, along with design documents.

In Z.O.N.A: Dead Air, you will explore the vast territories of the Zone, fight against powerful mutants, find previously unknown and deadly anomalies, as well as a host of other equally interesting content. Survival is one of the main aspects of successfully passing the game, do not forget to fight hunger and thirst, as well as eaing valuable coins. By joining the ranks of the strongest factions, you will provide yourself with reliable support, or go on an adventure alone and enjoy the most exciting jouey of a lifetime.Due to limited the maximum number of people on the server the game may not connect, for information please contact the game's official VK group.

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