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Ocp Breaking Bread 2011 Pdf

The text discerns participation in the Lord's Supper as a humble act in which we not only eat the bread (st. 1) and drink the wine (st. 2) but also praise our God (st. 3) "on our knees." The refrain ends with a prayer for mercy, an African American kyrie (see PHH 258) that reminds us of the tax collector's prayer in Luke 18:13.

Ocp Breaking Bread 2011 Pdf

What do Missalettes contain? They contain the Entrance antiphon, Psalm Response, and Communion antiphon. A groundbreaking publication reproduces in large fonts every possible response for the entire Church calendar. Therefore, as of 2014, Missalettes are no longer necessary! Your parish can save that money or give it to the poor.

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