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Watch Prison Break Season 1 - S01E05 1

"English, Fitz or Percy" is the fifth episode of the first season of the television series Prison Break. The episode was broadcast on September 19, 2005 in the United States. It is directed by Randall Zisk and credited to writer Zack Estrin. "English, Fitz or Percy" features another part of Michael Scofield's escape plan, involving the street names of the ones that are outside the infirmary section of the prison. Also, the case to exonerate Lincoln Burrows hits another twist, and agents Kellerman and Hale blackmail Warden Pope to have Scofield transferred out of Fox River State Penitentiary.

Watch Prison Break Season 1 - S01E05 1

The first five episodes of "Strange New Worlds" is now available to watch on Paramount Plus (opens in new tab) as is the entire second season of "Star Trek: Picard." Season 4 of "Star Trek: Discovery" is also available on the Paramount streaming service in the US and CTV Sci-Fi or Crave TV in Canada. Countries outside of North America can watch on the Pluto TV Sci-Fi channel.

Where are the zombies? They showed two. One would think you would see more during a zombie outbreak. Also wish they would have actually showed the army fighting the zombies instead of hearing the firefight over the radio. Hopefully, the season finale will be epic.

Elsewhere, Kendra is setting chargers in the prison when Savage, who sensed her presence, greets her. Savage tells Kendra that she will be his. Kendra tells Savage that she will never be his and Rip points his gun at him allowing Kendra to leave. Rip wants his watch back that has a picture of his family in it. Savage gives it back to him and says he has no intention of killing him now but he does look forward to meeting his wife Miranda and son Jonas to talk about Rip. Rip sets off the chargers and Savage, for now, is blown to bits. 041b061a72

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