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Tomtom Usa 1.9 Ipa Cracked !!TOP!!

really would have liked to see comparison betweenn fitbit surge and tomtom spark cardioincline to tomtom BUTdoes fitbit have any major advantage?not interested in garmin as have iphone that does not do ant so need bt samrtnb for those who want hrv, the ithlete hr app [about 7 in UK] on iphone should pick up the hr from the tomtom watch. works very well with polar h7 chest band transmitting bluetooth smart. it may be different for real athletes, but my am hrv does not predict my pm performance, but hrv surely knows when i have a cold

tomtom usa 1.9 ipa cracked

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I need as xmas gift for my brother and cannot decide between garmin vivoactive and tomtom spark cardio. Cost is more or less the same. I really like that he would be able to run just dressing the watch (w/o the HR strap). Any suggestion? Does it have a good firmware as garmin? I see several posts complaining about bugs.

Hi James, the missing activities folder is odd. Please reach out to us via with a brief explanation of the problem or just a link to your comment here so that we can give assistance.

Thanks for the great review as usual. I had an tomtom multisports and have now purchased the tomtom spark cardio. But I am just wondering if you have tested the Training zone pace setting. I used this on my old mulitsports and once I set the pace training zones and start my run it would go to a graph screen and show a if i was in my target zone or not. But the spark cardio goes to the graph screen but does not show any vertical graph lines while running (see picture). Tomtom now tell me that this feature has been removed because of feedback from customers, however the screen is still there and just stays blank during my run. This is a feature I used all the time with my multisports and I am very disappointed that tomtom have removed it. However I can still get a graph screen working in the Heart zone setting. Have you had any issues with this setting?

Just got a new tomtom spark cardio music, and after i start using it, i just realised that my unit got no click sounds, it can only buzz (although i already have the the setting as click+buzz)Has anyone run into this problem before?Thanks a lot in advance.

My experience with the multisport is the glass is pretty fragile. As I was removing my multisport from wrist band, it dropped all of 2 feet to the ground and cracked from the corner. If it has been only a couple days, call tomtom support because I believe it is still under warranty. Mine was about 3 months old and well outside the window.

Got the tomtom for my wife and a garmin 235 myself.The pedometer (step counter) seems way off on the tomtom. A work day at home easily counts 10000+ steps. During dinner it counted 200 steps where garmin counted 0!compared to a old school pedometer during a 2km. walk it seemed ok but seems as if small movements are counted also.Any experience with this?

Garmin faces such issues and releases new firmware often. Even removes features if not found good enough.When can tomtom users expect a fix of this relative simple problem which I must ad is a KEY feature of the product? (Only measured value available with one button click)

Regarding HR straps: you probably noticed that the belts noted as incompatible all offer extra functions from your basic chest strap (and the H7 offers these extra functions only if you have a compatible Polar watch).I have issues with the combo H7+Spark, but my other straps when paired with the spark, which are just dumb simple BT HR straps, work just as accurately (a tomtom and another from some supermarket brand).

Hi,if you were running for longer than hour, can tomtom display time as 1:00:01 (hours:minutes:seconds) or it just displays hours and minutes like 1:01 ?And do you find average pace, particularly at the beginning of the run o.k?Thank you. Dalibor

Apart from the black one, which someone has reported receiving on the TomTom discussion forum (link to, the other colours may yet be waiting for mommy to meet daddy in order to be made.

You measure the wrist on the inside, so it includes the watch unitlink to tomtom.comI have wide but thin wrists, circumference 175mm and had like 40mm extra strap which suggests that max size is slightly more than 206mm.

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