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The Animals †House Of The Rising Sun

K22. K22. Deceptive tug-of-war.Small animal challenges two large animals to a tug-of-war. Arranges it so thatthey unwittingly pull against each other (or one end of rope is tied to atree). Africa (Mpongwe): Nassau 37 No. 5, (Ibo, Nigeria): Basden 277, Thomas145, (Ila, Rhodesia): Smith and Dale II 377 No. 2; American Negro (Georgia):Harris Remus 124 No. 26; Bahama: Parsons MAFLS XIII 74 No. 34, Edwards MAFLSIII 65; South American Negro: C. F. Hartt Amazonian Tortoise Myths (Rio deJaneiro, 1875) 20, Cape Verde Islands: Parsons MAFLS XV (1) 83 No. 27; WestIndies: Flowers 495ff.

The Animals – House Of The Rising Sun

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K355. K355. Trickster pollutes house so that he is left in possession. He is in upper room andthrows filth on those below (Cf. K344.) American Negro (Georgia): HarrisNights 26 No. 6; Bahama: Parsons MAFLS XIII 84, Edwards MAFLS III 74; WestIndies: Flowers 504.

K443.7. K443.7. Fox eats his fellow-lodger: accuses another and demandsdamages. He spends the night with a cock ina house. He eats the cock but in the morning accuses the sheep of having eatenit. In the next inn likewise he says that the ox has eaten the sheep, etc. Incompensation he demands a larger animal each time. Type 170.

K608. K608. Escape by laughing and crying at same time. Captured bird cries in thinking of her little ones andlaughs under pretext that the hunter is wasting his time instead of taking thetreasure which she pretends is in her house. The hunter leaves her. *Chauvin II172 No. 2, V 135 No. 64 n. 1.

K962. K962. Camel induced to offer himself as sacrifice. Other animals feign tooffer themselves to the lion as food. The lion eats the camel. Penzer V 53 n.1; Chauvin II 89 No. 29; Bшdker Exempler 284 No. 31; Spanish Exempla: Keller.

K1054. K1054. Robber persuaded to climb down moonbeam. A man hearing a robberenter tells his wife aloud that he always makes a prayer and then enters thehouse by climbing down a moonbeam. The thief tries it and falls. *Chauvin II84, IX 31 No. 22; *Wesselski Hodscha Nasreddin I 231 No. 81; *Pauli (ed. Bolte)No. 628; Gьnter 104 and note 226; Krappe Bulletin Hispanique XXXIX 21; BшdkerExempler 274 No. 10; Spanish Exempla: Keller; Italian Novella: *Rotunda.

K1399.1. K1399.1. The taming of the wild prince. Lost in the woods the little prince grows up among wildanimals; lets no one come near him. Only a servant girl succeeds in taming him.Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 877*.

K1514.1. K1514.1. The husband in the chicken house. The husband returnsunexpectedly and surprises his wife with her lover. She makes the husbandbelieve he is pursued and hides him in the chicken house. (Cf. K1514.9.) *Type1419A; **Schofield Sources and History of the 7th Novel of the 7th Day in theDecameron (Harvard Studies and Notes II); Bйdier Fabliaux 450; BoccaccioDecameron III No. 4 (Lee 213); Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles No. 88; ItalianNovella: *Rotunda; India: Thompson-Balys.

K1635. K1635. Partnership of Honesty and Fraud: Fraud loses. Fraud has cheated his partner, Honesty. They hire ahousekeeper. Fraud is to have use of her right side, Honesty of her left. Theleft side is of little use. Fraud falls in love with her and pays Honestydouble all his losses to relinquish his rights. Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 99 No.837, Keller.

K2172. K2172. Rats cause cats to be killed. The rats unite and all go to houses together, increasingor decreasing their ravages with the increase or decrease in the number ofcats. Thus the cats are suspected of the damage and are killed. *Chauvin II 110No. 74.

K2323. K2323. The cowardly duelers.In the war between the wild and the domestic animals, the cat raises her tail;the wild animals think that it is a gun and flee. *Type 104; *BP I 425; Dh IV209; Spanish: Espinosa III Nos. 246--248.

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Nor was there any effective aid in sight for Armenia from other quarters. Finding the situation precarious and taking advantage of the absence of two Nationalist armies, Vassak and his followers threw off their pretense of patriotism, and openly stood against the uprising. AВ state of civil war ensued, in which Vassak seized key positions in the Ararat province and committed many acts of vengeance, including the destruction of churches, imprisonment of priests and arrest of boys from the Mamikonian and Kamsarakan nobility, to be sent to the Persian capital as hostages.

The Armenian leaders of the uprising, having lodged complaint with the royal court against the deceit and intrigues of Vassak, they were all summoned to Ctesiphon, the winter capital, in the early part of 452. Vassak, who must also appear, reached the city even before the great caravan, and was endeavoring to win the good graces of the courtiers. Because of their being brought in chains, it required eighty days for the priests to arrive. The court was held under the presidency of Mihr-Nerseh, and the inquiry continued for several days. During his alliance with his nationalist fellow-countrymen, Vassak had written to the Byzantine Emperor and to his general in Anatolia, to the rulers of Georgia and Albania, and to the princes of Andzevatsiq, Hashdeniq, Dzopq and Anghel-town, asking assistance in the struggle against Persia. His letters, all stamped with his own seal, were introduced, and together with other evidence, made clear his duplicity. Mushkan himself charged Vassak with treachery, declaring that even after the battle, he had betrayed many by false oaths and lured them from their strongholds, (of which he then took possession), executing or imprisoning not a few of them. It was also proved that he had been guilty of peculation with regard to state tributes. 041b061a72

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